Did I just start a thing?

A few years ago while trying to plan a wedding I wanted nothing more than to have a grazing table for my guests to enjoy while the wedding party took pictures. I had it planned out on how marvelous this glorious grazing table would be down to a very specific cheese ball that I would have to travel over an hour to get the ingredients for.

Then....COVID happened. This magnificent grazing table did not come to fruition. In fact nothing about that day did. So it made me realize that I never wanted anyone else to feel the disappointment of not having their spectacular grazing table when they needed one. Grazing table aside, that ended up being an amazing day even without all of the things that we had had planned.

Fast forward a few months later and Nectar & Brie was born.

Just so everyone is on the same page...I hate to cook. My idea of cooking dinner is getting a bowl of cereal and calling it a day. I think mostly because I hate the idea of doing dishes. Either way it just seems daunting and I'm exhausted thinking about it before I've begun. But food art. I can do that no problem. I don't have to cook anything! And before you assume that I am not a good cook... I do ok. The only thing that has ever turned out horribly wrong was my chicken lasagna and I own it.

So Nectar & Brie honestly happened on a whim with one of my bright ideas that is still trucking along. We are 1 year old now and it's been such an amazing adventure thus far. Stay tuned for more of our adventure!

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