What about that name?

Putting together a charcuterie board and making it look beautiful and taste delicious is the easy part. Having it be cost effective and worth the time and effort that it takes is the tricky part that has yet been mastered. (That I can discuss in another episode of what was I thinking! )

I know what I like and what to me tastes good. To others that may not be the case and vice versa. I look at blue cheese and gag from the pungent smell thinking how can someone put that into their body. While my husband, on the other, hand loves it. The smellier the better!

I still don't care for brie cheese to be honest. I will only eat it if it is on a sweet fruit cracker or wafer and it is paired with honey and fruit. So why the name Nectar & Brie you might ask? NO idea! It just happened. Bees Knees was a contender for a while. But since there were so many other businesses out there that were already named Bees Knees something unique was ideal. Using puns and word play Nectar & Brie came to life. You can thank the cute little bee in our logo for that!

And for those that may ask, yes... we do have bees! Sadly, we have not used their honey on the boards yet. We hope to one day! But I will save the idea talk for another day.

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